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Brownish Discharge –Causes and Treatments

You don’t need to get an online fake doctor’s excuse or note if this is your condition. If you are having brownish discharge from your vagina whenever you urinate this is a serious problem. This is a possible reaction if you have not experienced such in the past. This article is going to dispel your fears by explaining the causes of brownish discharge in women and the treatment option that put a stop to it.

For a start brownish discharge is a brown vaginal discharge that a woman might notice flowing out of the vagina instead of the usual “RED” flow associated with menstrual circles. When you see this strange “brownish” flow out of your body you might really get worried. You should see your doctor to diagnose the cause of this. However, the following are breakdown of factors that could result to the discharge you might be worried about.

Factors you should be less concern with

When there is late menstruation there could be a leftover of the endometrium (a mucus membrane lining the uterus). This membrane is afterward shed as menses at a night your regular menstruation has passed. The color of the flow that you see now is not red-like but brownish. This is now the brownish discharge you are concerned about. This might occur during or before the next menstrual period.

Other factors in this case that can result to brownish discharge is the spotting usually experienced by some women during ovulation. This is a bleeding that is associated with the release of eggs from the ovary. More so, during pregnancy brownish discharge may occur during the early stages or a few days after fertilization has occurred. it could last for some days in some women.

For any of the above factors, endometrium discharge, ovulations bleeding or early pregnancy bleeding, you need not worry much because change of lifestyle can stop it. You can begin taking appropriate nutrition, doing regular workout, or drinking more water. You really should not panic on if these were the cause because they are natural and within some time they would stop. If there is continuous flow of this brownish discharge after change of lifestyle then you should see your doctor.

Factors that you should be more concern with

There are certain physical conditions that might have brownish discharge as their symptoms. Women that have pelvic inflammatory Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, pre menopausal problems are likely to discharge brownish flow from their body. Hence, infection of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, and the cervix, are pelvic inflammatory diseases that can result to brownish discharge. STDs like gonorrhea, Chlamydia and genital warts are also culprits.

These causal factors are often associated with pains, itching, burning, inflammation, bleeding, hot flashes, loss of appetite and mouth ulcers etc.

Treating brownish discharge caused by diseases in the body is done by diagnosing the exact problem and treating it. Your doctor is the right person to do this. You should be ready to take the prescribed oral medications, surgeries, and other relevant treatment options that might be recommended.