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You may want to be excused from work or school but don’t have the right to do so without permission from your employer or school. This could be a very difficult situation if you have exhausted all legal means. The reason you want to be excused is very important and personal and this is why you are so bent on getting leave.

If you are truly in this situation, then perhaps you should consider using a Fake doctor’s note. This is a note similar to the medical note you will receive from a doctor when you are “genuinely” sick. With this note, you are considered “sick” and cannot do any work or study for a specified period. This fake doctor’s note is not written by a doctor but is designed and downloaded from the Internet via software provided by some companies that specialize in provision and selling of fake medical notes.

You can tryout one of these notes and submit to your employer or teacher. The good thing is that you can find varieties of excuse notes to fit into the kind of sickness you want to be excused with.

However, using fake doctor’s notes calls for discretion and caution. You should know that the recipient – your boss or your teacher must see the note as real and coming from a certified doctor. Therefore, everything about the note you are submitting must be believable. The features to concentrate on should be the format, the print quality, the description, the signature, the doctor’s address, and the content.

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